Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video Games and what they mean to me...

My earliest memory of video games was playing duck hunt with my parents when I was 3 or 4 years old. Me and my sister used to play that game before bed with my dad, one of my earliest and fondest memories of my childhood. Then as I got older I would play on the SEGA genesis with my sister. We used to LOVE Toe jam and Earl. I always got earl and my sister would play toe jam. It was one of the only things we did where we didn't fight. At this point in my life I was in elementary school and my mom worked at the school district's daycare so we both had the summer's off. So after school let out for the summer me and my mom would go to the store and pick out our game for the summer. She usually picked a new Mario game or Zelda. I would sit there and watch my mom play that game till the end. everyday we would play for a couple hours till we had to go do something else. I love watching my mom solve all the different puzzles or defeat the different obstacles, it didn't matter to me that I wasn't playing. So by the time I got to Middle school I wanted to start to play as well. So we decided to play animal crossing on the Nintendo game Cube. Everyday after school I would come home and we would play that for hours and hours. This was also when I got my Game boy Color. I played Tony Hawk pro skater everyday. As the years went on and my mom and me got busier and busier our game choices began to differ by bigger and bigger margins. She still played Zelda and Mario and I was playing Day of Defeat on Steam. But every summer i still would sit there all summer and watch her beat her yearly game. It still to this day makes me so happy when I sit and watch my mom play her games. Now she has her Wii and I have my computer and Xbox and we game on our own, but we still come together almost every summer and play all our old favorite's. Video game's are my life. I have never not had at least one game I was playing. No matter what console or computer, genre or difficulty there has always been a game in my life and I have my parent's to thank for that. So thank you mom and dad for giving me memories, love, and some bad ass video game playing skills :D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Men versus Woman

I just saw this photo in the Gaming community on google plus area. As I scroll down the comments, I notice a very disturbing trend...most of the guys are commenting that they agree with this. Does this disturb anyone else? First of all who is to say that a man has to teach a woman how to play a game? Why are video games seen as such male dominated sources of entertainment anyway?

What is a Gamer Girl ....

Urban Dictionary:
The quintessential my girlfriends hot because she plays games with me and that makes all the other guys want her more. Now I can't say I am not completely innocent of using my gaming skills to get guys but still. This is not every gamer girl this is probably the one who only plays to make guys think shes hot. I know I hate playing with my fiance cause I go ape shit when I get killed LOL

1. The best girl for any guy, even the one's who aren't big gamers. She's not high maintenance, she's happy just sittin at home with you teamin up and playin some Call of Duty together. The best part is that she won't get mad at you for playing games too long. She will actually listen to what you say and will actually be interested in it, especially when you're talking about the first time you got a nuke because she appreciates a good story. She isn't shallow and won't play you because she's had it done to her a million times before cause other guys don't like how non-girly she is. This doesn't mean she's ugly though. All girls can look pretty when they try, so don't pre judge a girl who enjoys a good game of cod.
Hey ya wanna go to the movies tonight with me and my girl?

Nah, the girl and i are just gonna stay home and play some Call of Duty together.

You're girlfriend is a gamer girl ? whoa, i want one. my girlfriend hates Call of Duty.
There were many definitions on urban dictionary but I HAD to include this one!
2. Gamer Girl
A female that is unattractive, that plays video games because she is frankly a loser. usually the girl gamer will get crap from guys about being a girl gamer and just whine about it.
Jimmy: Hey hotty, watchya up to?

Cool girl: I'm chilling at the mall.

Jimmy: Hey, Gamer Girl, what are you up to?

Loser Gamer Girl: Im gonna go play Call of Duty and tell guys over the online game server that im hot because they cant actually see the ugly truth of what i really look like.

Jimmy; okay "Gamer Girl" don't forget to stack up on donuts ya fat b!t*h
*laugh* someone got owned LOL

Personally I think a gamer girl is simply a girl who regularly plays games. 

Where did all these ideas of girls only wanting to get guys to like them? I am sure that there are girls out there who only pretend to like games to get attention and to pray on the "nerds". the only issue with this is from my personal experience games are not just for "nerds" anymore. The demographic of video game players is rapidly changing. More woman are playing, more family's are playing, even elderly people are starting to get into video games. This is not just a "nerd"'s gaming world anymore. The amount of times I have heard stories of guys falling all over girl gamer's literally makes me sick. but, I have been gaming my whole life and not once have I heard on a multi-player voice chat someone saying something about me being a girl, and my gamertag even has the word 'girl' in it!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Girls Guide 2 Games! This is my newest adventure in blogging, I have a personal blog that I do just for fun. I wanted to do make something that I am very passionate about and that I think other people would like! so i sat down and tried to think of my favorite things in life and the one thing that stood out to me was gaming. I have played video games almost my whole life. I remember playing duck hunt with my parents before bedtime, watching my mom play mario or Zelda games every summer. Now that I am an adult I have found that my gaming preferences have changed a lot over the years and I have learned a lot about being a female gamer and what that entails. There is this notion among some men that girls can't play video games, and that makes me so sad because statistically we are almost equal with men. I have done research on the effects of first person shooters on cognitive skills, I have played A LOT of games myself, and I just love feeling like I am not a lone out there in my love of video games. Whether you play Farmville, the Sims, or even Call of Duty I think there will be something on this blog of interest to you. So Please subscribe to the blog feed and be patient with me as I figure out how I want to release content and how often   I can do so. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, leave them on this post or e-mail me directly at beccaslife24@gmail.com.